FRIDAY MAY 19th // DOORS AT 6 pm

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What is Amplify?

Amplify is the beginning of a socio-political movement among musicians, the purpose of which is to unite like-minded players in using their talents to support groups of people who need help in the wake of the current administration.

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How does it work?

An Amplify event is conceptually simple:

  • Choose a cause
  • Put together a show
  • Give 100 percent of proceeds to the cause
This is different than a benefit concert; the idea isn't to do a one-time show and call it a day. We would like communities elsewhere to create their own Amplify events! It's not ONLY a benefit, but a PLATFORM for musicians to let their voices resonate.

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For this specific event, all proceeds are going towards University of Maryland's Terp DREAM Scholarship for first-generation undergraduate students - we are trying to help it reach endowed status, an important goal with the school facing loss of sanctuary status under the Trump administration. There will be a $25 required donation at the door, 100 percent of it going to the scholarship!

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Want to get involved? We're currently accepting donations through our Gofundme page (click the Donate button below).

Got questions? Feel free to drop us a line at, or click the Email button below.


Femi the Drifish & The Out of Water eXperience

Hailing from Charm City, Baltimore MD, The Out of Water eXperience is a high intensity, alternative Rock, progressive HipHop band, led by the animated, unorthodox, British born Nigerian, spoken word artist, Femi the Drifish.

Think Rage Against the Machine meets The Roots, with content that ranges from social justice and self-awareness, to witty rhymes and creative concepts.

Joseph & The Beasts

Joseph & The Beasts builds on Joseph Mulhollen’s solo work, which includes 2012’s dense and dynamic “Problematical Animals”, bringing to bear the full weight of the talent that surrounds the Buffalo-native-turned-Baltimorean in his current home.

The band traffics in counter-rhythms that build from muted valleys to fevered crescendos. Shifts in time give way to sprawling valleys of fuzz-drenched keyboards, before soaring vocals erupt into a fervor-filled maelstrom.

Aaron Hill's The Fruition Experience

The Fruition Experience combines elements of Neo Soul, Hip Hop, and Jazz with positive life messages of Love, Peace, and Unity to create a unique style of "Conscious Music."

Listeners have described the group as having a sound and image reminiscent of Robert Glasper Experiment, The Roots, Fertile Ground, J Dilla, and Moon Child.

Janel Leppin's Ensemble
Volcanic Ash

While she has much experience as a member of ensembles, Janel also has much experience leading ensembles. Two of these ensembles, The Janel Leppin Group and Ensemble Volcanic Ash include such diverse instruments as harp, bassoon, cello, and saxophone.

Ensemble Volcanic Ash made its debut as a featured group at the 2015 Washington Women in Jazz Festival, headlining a sold out concert at legendary D.C. jazz club, Bohemian Caverns.


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